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New 'Fun Explorer' Club

un Explorers - A Unique After-School World Travel Club Coming to Snodland Church of England Primary School

We are delighted to announce a new and exciting after-school club for Snodland CofE Primary School children, which will be starting in the Spring term. We’ll be giving your children a unique opportunity to experience and learn about some of the most incredible and fascinating countries in the world.

The concept of a ‘Fun Explorer’ club is to take the children on an amazing journey around the world, where they will experience a wide range of cultures, traditions and languages in a fun, exciting and interactive way. The children who take part will be immersed into each country they visit, becoming a global citizen and stamping their Fun Explorer passports along the way. Our mission is to support a child’s development into a well-read, knowledgeable and open minded young adult, with a natural understanding and appreciation of the world and its people.

During our Fun Explorers Club, the children will have the opportunity to:
•Make and taste local dishes
•Learn basic greetings and useful phrases
•Take part in traditional children’s playground games
•Learn how to sing and dance like a native!
•Take part in unique art and craft activities
•Immerse themselves into a country’s culture
•Learn some very interesting facts about everywhere they visit