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British Values

Year 6 Visit to the Sikh Gurdwara

Year 6 Visit to the Sikh Gurdwara 1
Year 6 Visit to the Sikh Gurdwara 2
Year 6 Visit to the Sikh Gurdwara 3
Year 6 Visit to the Sikh Gurdwara 4
Year 6 Visit to the Sikh Gurdwara 5
Year 6 Visit to the Sikh Gurdwara 6
As part of their Religious Education learning, Year 6 visited the Sikh Gurdwara to find out more about Sikh worship.  We covered our heads while in the Gurdwara, as a sign of respect.  We learned about Sikh beliefs and practices, and experienced the atmosphere of a special place of worship.  We also visited the langar hall, where Sikhs provide food for everyone as a form of charity - for example, homeless people or those who have very little money can go there for a meal.  We discovered that Sikhs and Christians share many of the same values, including our school value of love for all.

Foundation Stage and Year 2 Nativity Plays

Foundation Stage and Year 2 Nativity Plays 1
Foundation Stage and Year 2 Nativity Plays 2
Foundation Stage and Year 2 Nativity Plays 3

As a Church of England school, our yearly nativity plays are an important Christmas tradition.

Well done to Foundation Stage and Year 2 for their superb retelling of the Christmas story.

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day 1
Remembrance Day 2
Remembrance Day 3
Remembrance Day 4
Remembrance Day 5
Remembrance Day 6
On 11th November each year we remember those who have lost their lives in war and reflect on the importance of our school value of Peace.  This year we had a special Remembrance Day parade and assembly led by some of our children.  We created a memorial by decorating stones with messages and symbols of peace, and took part in the national two minute silence to show respect for members of the armed forces who have been killed or injured in war.

Harvest Box Deliveries

Harvest Box Deliveries 1
Harvest Box Deliveries 2
Harvest Box Deliveries 3
Thank you to everyone who donated food for those in need in our community.  School council delivered these around the local area following our Harvest Service.  This year, there was so much food that we were also able to support our local food bank - thank you!

Macmillan Coffee Morning

Macmillan Coffee Morning 1
Macmillan Coffee Morning 2
Macmillan Coffee Morning 3
Well done to the Charity Committee for organising another successful coffee morning in aid of Macmillan Cancer Care.  Thank you to everyone who donated or bought cakes in order to help us raise money for this worthy charity.

Learning About Law

Learning About Law 1
Year 6 took part in a workshop about the importance of British law.

European Languages Day

European Languages Day 1
European Languages Day 2
European Languages Day 3
As part of European Languages Day, we learned to speak in a different language, found out about the culture of another country and performed traditional songs and dances at the Snodland Eurovision Contest.

Buddhism "Deep Learning" RE Day

Buddhism "Deep Learning" RE Day 1
Buddhism "Deep Learning" RE Day 2
Buddhism "Deep Learning" RE Day 3
Buddhism "Deep Learning" RE Day 4
Buddhism "Deep Learning" RE Day 5
Buddhism "Deep Learning" RE Day 6
Buddhism "Deep Learning" RE Day 7
Buddhism "Deep Learning" RE Day 8
Buddhism "Deep Learning" RE Day 9
In June we had a special RE "deep learning" day to teach us the key beliefs and practices of Buddhism.  We learned the story of Buddha, practised meditation, made prayer wheels and created mandalas on the playground.

Race for Life

Race for Life 1
Race for Life 2
Race for Life 3
Well done all staff and pupils for completing our school Race for Life to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

The Queen's 90th Birthday

The Queen's 90th Birthday 1
The Queen's 90th Birthday 2
The Queen's 90th Birthday 3
The Queen's 90th Birthday 4
The Queen's 90th Birthday 5
The Queen's 90th Birthday 6
The Queen's 90th Birthday 7
The Queen's 90th Birthday 8
The Queen's 90th Birthday 9
The Queen's 90th Birthday 10
The Queen's 90th Birthday 11
The Queen's 90th Birthday 12
The Queen's 90th Birthday 13
The Queen's 90th Birthday 14
The Queen's 90th Birthday 15
The Queen's 90th Birthday 16
The Queen's 90th Birthday 17
The Queen's 90th Birthday 18
The Queen's 90th Birthday 19
The Queen's 90th Birthday 20
On Thursday 21st April, we celebrated the Queen's 90th birthday in style!  We started the day with a special assembly to get the children in the party mood where we sang, 'God Save the Queen' and talked about the special birthday messages we could send to Queen Elizabeth.  During the day, each year group focused on a different special event in the Queen's life and we invited the children to plant a bulb around the school to commemorate this occasion.  Finally, Mrs Hunt presented each child with a coin to remember this wonderful birthday.